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CityMetric – Berlin goes to the polls: What’s at stake in this Sunday’s state elections?

I interviewed Berlin politicians ahead of the city’s state elections..

The next five years will see significant challenges for Berlin – but many of these challenges come from being a city on the up. The new government will need to use its tools creatively and in a way that brings Berliners together. Otherwise divisions will become entrenched, and Berlin’s successes will start to pale in face of its failures.

CityMetric – Former mayors now rule countries containing 1 in 10 of the world’s population

My article on the trend of city leaders becoming national leaders and what that might mean for the world.

When the Philippines’ next president enters office on 30 June, the country will join a growing club of nations led by former mayors. With the addition of 98m Filipinos, the total number of people in these countries will reach almost a tenth of the world’s population.

openDemocracy – Will young people decide the Austrian presidential election?

I travelled to Austria to interview young voters about the presidential election in May 2016.

As an older left wing outsider with many young supporters, it’s tempting to view Van der Bellen as a Bernie Sanders or Jeremy Corbyn type figure. But in talking to young Austrians I didn’t see much to suggest a groundswell of enthusiasm for him.

Medium – Berlin Holocaust Memorial is a Pokémon Go landmark

Exposing the inclusion of a sombre site in the hit mobile game Pokémon Go

However individuals behave at the memorial, its inclusion in a profit-making cartoon game seems to be a step further into disrespect.