From CS50 to Ruby and elsewhere

I’m still slowly making my way through the online computer science course I’ve mentioned before. It’s time commitment is significant so I’ve also been doing some simpler courses which can be fit into 15-20 minutes during lunch breaks (the weather makes it easy to choose to stay indoors at lunch).

I’ve completed Codecademy’s “Learn Ruby” course. Unsurprisingly, two weeks of 15 minute lessons is not enough to really learn Ruby. However, the broad, shallow overview of a different language has fit nicely with the more in depth lessons I’m doing in C. I’ve found it’s helped me to get more used to coding as a practice by seeing some of the common ideas across languages.

Two evenings of writing a very small, simple programme in Ruby (a “Fizz Buzz” task) ended up with me installing not just Ruby on my computer but also Git, and then starting to learn the BASH commands to use Git to update the record of my programme on GitHub

This is probably excessive for an 11 line interpretation of simple maths game.